Mythosa: House Malor

Wellspring Exsiccation

The gold dragon shouts “Come brothers. Lets us destroy the forge and end this war.” Shooting skyward he breaks through the ceiling resulting large chunks of stone hurtling towards the ground.

The Governor’s Aid breaks for the front door taking blows and leaving a trail of sparks as his axe grinding against the floor. The small figure jumps up upon the table and calls out “Help me seal it”. Dodging bits falling ceiling Greynet, Pippen and Vladislavmove to help with the ritual as Aleria behind a collapsing stone.

Ku sees his moment has arrived. “You shall not stop the chaos” he screams as he swings at the little figure, who he now recognizes to be Lisa, the Innkeepers daughter. Ku connects, but finds her skin to be harder than his metal hand and the blow is deflected. The ritual momentarily broken another, smaller, gold dragon slips through the portal before it is resealed.

Greynet, Valek and Vladislav take after Ku as the dragon beelines for Pippin. Even the dragon decides to go after Ku, leading him to retreat invisibly into the rear entrance arcade. It then occurs to the party they have a dragon to deal with. The battle is fierce, with things looking all too good for the dragon. Ku returns to try and take Lisa out again, but Pippen calls him off. Vladislav manages to dominate the dragon and with some difficulty they manage to force the dragon back beyond the arcane seal below the remains of the church.

The dragon dealt with a tense moment between the party members passes as they decide to not continue their quarrels with another battle. Lisa send Vladislav to fetch her sisters from the Red Rooster Inn as the others help hold the new seal in place.

Out in the city Vladislav witnesses the dragon is in the process of razing the city. With great haste Vladislav finds Mag the Innkeeper there and after repeating enough of the events at hand she rushes off with him. They make a quick stop where a glamour of some sort is removed revealing a hole in the ground at the park. Nothing comes out of the hole she continues with great speed to the front of the church where they find Ku watching an odd scene of over sized spiders lead by an odd looking elderly woman finishing off the last of the Governor’s guard. Mag greets the other hag and they move back to the crumbled main hall of the temple.

Again tempers rise between the party members, bloodshed only prevented by Lisa who knocks most of them asleep with a single stomp of her foot. Lisa sends them away and she, Mag and the third hag begin a ritual to renew the seal again.

After a short rest the party returns to their Inn, to find Aliera inside among the city drow hiding from the gargantuan dragon’s wrath. She has been talking with Marquette and no longer believes them to be Drow. The old hag and young girl who had been kidnapped by Challi had called them the O’Driden, which in the language of the Drow means “below the driders”, the lowest cast of drow society. It also meant the walking dead, to which Pippen and Valek both of interest.

Securing their agreement Pippen and Valek take Marquette and some other O’Driden down to the Necromantic forge. They had realized the traces of transformational magic was the remains of a massive resurrection ritual and these O’Driden were likely the army of the Forge at some point. They have Marquette give herself to the forge. Pippen and Valek work the energies of the forge upon her, resulting in a powerful, and sentient, shade.

Marquette bodes her fellow O’Driden to follow and soon there is a small army of 90 undead in the chamber of the forge. Marquette beseeches Pippin to let them out so they may free their brethren, to which is acquiesces. The undead move out into the remains of the city to find the few survivors as Ku watches the gold dragon head off to the west into the countryside.



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