Mythosa: House Malor

The Captain's Leg

After a fierce battle Captain Griffin is saved, but at the cost of Xanthus Malor’s life. Retreating to their quarters the party summons a Drow priestess friend of Challi to raise Xanthus and heal the Captain’s wounds. Xanthus does return to life, but is much changed by the experience with his skin remaining a pale white and his eyes giving off a faint red glow.

The Captain’s wounds are healed, but her leg is found to be infested with something from the Outer Realms. Following the Captain’s wishes the leg is removed slightly below the knee bone. Pippen bags the leg and finds that it continues to lives. He searches the city for days looking for a resource to help him identify the leg. He eventually comes across Vaslov the Odiferous, a sage of the Far Realms who recognizes the leg and shares what little he knows of it.

Before the Drow Priestess leaves Belogos arranges for her to train his daughter Aliera in the ways of Lolth so she may grow closer to her heritage and be acceptance despite being only 1/2 drow. And perhaps for access to some poisons himself.

Upon Pipen’s return to the others the Captain has finally awoken. And the first concrete clue is about to be revealed….



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