Mythosa: House Malor

The Arena of Blood

The day of the fight as Fredrick and Xanthus Malor took to the arena floor Aliera and Challi watched on from the managers box as the others mingled in the general crowds to cheer on their team and see what they could learn.

Fredrick and Xanthus Malor easily beat the so called Dog of Qet, a huge black jackle humanoid. There efforts bough enough time for Aliera and Challi to learn a little more of Captain Griffin. To celebrate their victory they group was invited back to Captain Griffin’s abode.

There they met the Captian within a room covered with Khemsaian artifacts. After a short conversation the Captain struck one of her own retainers in the temple with a knife as she yelled out for the party to rescue her.

A bloody battle was entered and the outcome is uncertain. Will Team Evil save the Captain? Or learn anything useful about Kazemde Omari? Stay tune for the next entry!



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