Rules for Characters

The campaign will be a mix of Mission Impossible and Call of Cthulhu. Character’s will be part of a hit squad for House Malor.

New characters should have at least a simple answer to the following
  1. Describe a significant moment in the characters childhood
  2. Name of a family member they are still in contact with
  3. Name one non-adventuring skill (e.g. Brew beer, sew, cobbler, etc).

The campaign will begin in the city of Zeldora.

Evil alignments are acceptable, and even encouraged. Players need to add to their character concept why they are going to work with other characters and House Malor.

Due to history of the city and ties to the Marasinian Empire Ilidari (Eladrin) and Sylvari (Elves) are in very small numbers in the city. Strangely enough Drakari (Dark Elves) are not unknown to the city and have a small enclave.

The city has a very tolerant policy on religion. Sects of almost all of the gods can be found in the city. Even Azakhar has a temple there, but due to the ties with the city state of Ulthia the temple and it’s followers are not well trusted.

An initial tie to House Malor is not necessary in the character concept, but the character needs to be willing to work with them.

Each family within House Malor has an otherworldly force (devil, demon, etc) they are associated with. In some cases this being is a very real creature that interacts with them on a daily basis. For others the creature is distant. PC’s are encouraged to think up one for their own house.

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Rules for Characters

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