House Malor

At it’s core House Malor considers itself very pragmatic in its approach to both temporal and clerical matters. The world of Mythosa is populated by many powers, some of which offer power in trade. Traders at heart, family members are always looking for the best deal from these powers. At times this has lead to many Faustian deals with powers others might consider distasteful or downright immoral. To those of the House it is only a matter of making the best deal until a better one comes along.

Kane 2 Age
Aldegon Davros Valisa Xanthus 60’s
Svetlak, Drago, Zahara Vaclev, Vincent1, Vladimir Essex1, Katerina Dimitri3, Lucinda4 40’s
Around 22 children at this level, 15 of which have spouses 20’s

1 Deceased

2 Very Old; Undead?

3 Father of Xanthus Malor the assassin (named after his grandfather) and Lerenzo Malor

4 Mother of Aliera Malor the rouge

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