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  • Foxgrove Manor

    Aliera, Belogos, Xanthus and Xune meet through their primary benefactor, Lorenzo Malor. He has provided special quarters for the group as their talents have become of special use to him. He explains that he has some long term plans for this new team, …

  • Arat Karavakos

    First heard of as he put a contract out on several team members. He was killed in Foxgrove manor by the party. See session 3 notes for details.

  • Baby Karavakos

    Rescued by [[:fredrick | Fredrick]] who has arranged for a wet-nurse slave of House Malor to raise the child. Upon Fredrick's death [[:pippen | Pippen]] took the child and attempted to raise him in a bag of holding with a wet nurse near the strange leg …

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