Mythosa: House Malor

Scouting Foxgrove Manor

Aliera, Belogos, Xanthus and Xune meet through their primary benefactor, Lorenzo Malor. He has provided special quarters for the group as their talents have become of special use to him. He explains that he has some long term plans for this new team, but there is some business they must first look into.

Lerenzo had been contacted to hire someone to murder each and every one of them. Surely there was a slip up in contacting Lerenzo about the contract as his brother Xanthus was among those targeted. Worse still through his research he found the one who has put out the contract to be an old family resource, Arat the Sage. Lerenzo sends the team out to eliminate Arat, thus eliminating the contract and preventing others from gathering any information about House Malor through Arat.

Through some luck Xune stumbles across an former employee of Arat who directs them to Foxgrove Manor, home of Arat the Sage. Not wanting his efforts to be traced Xune ensures discretion by eliminating the informant in an alleyway.

The group then entered Foxgrove Manor by scaling the thick high wall surrounding the grounds. They found themselves lost in a hedge maze, which lead to a mausoleum. Opening the door fiery orbs chased them about, nearly eliminating all of them. Aliera, Belogos and Xanthus hid in the mausoleum as the orbs fed on the corpse of Xune. There they rested for the night, finding nothing of interest from within the mausoleum. When the peeked out doors the next morning the orbs where gone.

Retreating back home Lerenzo had anticiapted their troubles with the maze and had recruited an expert to help them, the minotaur Vanchu. Realizing they need more information on the Manor before returning a new informant on Foxgrove manor was found. The former house servant revealed that the Sage had started dealing with unnatural things and was quite unstable. All of the house servants had been released and he feared what fate awaited the Sage’s wife and daughter. Through guile, and a bit of poison, the former servant provided details of the layout of Foxgrove in exchange for a promise that the mother and child would be rescued. He was left at the groups home as they returned to Foxgrove Manor.

Upon scaling the walls the hedge maze was found once again. This time after following the maze for a bit the decision was made to climb over the hedge. As the top was cleared hounds appeared diving through the corners cut into the maze. After a brief battle the hounds were dispatched. Foxgrove Manor now lies before the team, ready to share it’s mysteries. And horrors.


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