Mythosa: House Malor

Sundering of the Court

Greynet stalks through the cities corpse. Quietly he enters the castles through the broken walls and spots what appears to be an entrance into a still standing portion of the structure. Expecting trouble he is not surprised to find himself under attack by archers from the remains of the Governor’s guard in the fallen hall. He quickly dispatches them, but does not go deeper into the room as he hears larger numbers beyond the large door to the grand hall.

The party holes up in their Inn as a ranging snow storm rushes in with nightfall. More of the O’Driden show up, at times with terrified townsfolk who are put into the half dug basement and forced to dig. Some are eaten. Pippen and Valek spend the evening with the forge as the rest stay in the inn.

Come morning more of the O’Driden are converted and a few humans set to the forge. Come early afternoon the party move out into the city, the storm finally breaking. Two feet of fresh snow slow their progress, but with the town abandoned beyond the occasional undead it is uneventful.

Marquette the Shade had informed them some of the O’Driden have disappeared near the castle. They approach the ruin and head to the entrance Greynet had found. The newly dead O’Driden line the hall and attack when entered. They are dispatched with ease, but no explanation to why or how they were turned.

Seeking answers the party entered the grand hall to find Governor Tarivek seated upon a throne. Nearby stand his aid and a group of turned O’Driden. He welcomes the party in and offers them his protection until his Aunt arrives. Negotiations quickly break down and turn violent.

The zombies heal the pair and blow up causing some angst, but the party eventually prevails over the governor. The Aid attempts at surrender are ignored and he is slaughtered. As the battle rounds out Pippen receives an odd magical missive from Vaslov.

“Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pippen! The Nepharim! They run!”

Wellsping’s future now in the O’Driden’s hands the party makes plans to go to Sp├┐re to learn what they can of the forge, and their destiny.

Wellspring Exsiccation

The gold dragon shouts “Come brothers. Lets us destroy the forge and end this war.” Shooting skyward he breaks through the ceiling resulting large chunks of stone hurtling towards the ground.

The Governor’s Aid breaks for the front door taking blows and leaving a trail of sparks as his axe grinding against the floor. The small figure jumps up upon the table and calls out “Help me seal it”. Dodging bits falling ceiling Greynet, Pippen and Vladislavmove to help with the ritual as Aleria behind a collapsing stone.

Ku sees his moment has arrived. “You shall not stop the chaos” he screams as he swings at the little figure, who he now recognizes to be Lisa, the Innkeepers daughter. Ku connects, but finds her skin to be harder than his metal hand and the blow is deflected. The ritual momentarily broken another, smaller, gold dragon slips through the portal before it is resealed.

Greynet, Valek and Vladislav take after Ku as the dragon beelines for Pippin. Even the dragon decides to go after Ku, leading him to retreat invisibly into the rear entrance arcade. It then occurs to the party they have a dragon to deal with. The battle is fierce, with things looking all too good for the dragon. Ku returns to try and take Lisa out again, but Pippen calls him off. Vladislav manages to dominate the dragon and with some difficulty they manage to force the dragon back beyond the arcane seal below the remains of the church.

The dragon dealt with a tense moment between the party members passes as they decide to not continue their quarrels with another battle. Lisa send Vladislav to fetch her sisters from the Red Rooster Inn as the others help hold the new seal in place.

Out in the city Vladislav witnesses the dragon is in the process of razing the city. With great haste Vladislav finds Mag the Innkeeper there and after repeating enough of the events at hand she rushes off with him. They make a quick stop where a glamour of some sort is removed revealing a hole in the ground at the park. Nothing comes out of the hole she continues with great speed to the front of the church where they find Ku watching an odd scene of over sized spiders lead by an odd looking elderly woman finishing off the last of the Governor’s guard. Mag greets the other hag and they move back to the crumbled main hall of the temple.

Again tempers rise between the party members, bloodshed only prevented by Lisa who knocks most of them asleep with a single stomp of her foot. Lisa sends them away and she, Mag and the third hag begin a ritual to renew the seal again.

After a short rest the party returns to their Inn, to find Aliera inside among the city drow hiding from the gargantuan dragon’s wrath. She has been talking with Marquette and no longer believes them to be Drow. The old hag and young girl who had been kidnapped by Challi had called them the O’Driden, which in the language of the Drow means “below the driders”, the lowest cast of drow society. It also meant the walking dead, to which Pippen and Valek both of interest.

Securing their agreement Pippen and Valek take Marquette and some other O’Driden down to the Necromantic forge. They had realized the traces of transformational magic was the remains of a massive resurrection ritual and these O’Driden were likely the army of the Forge at some point. They have Marquette give herself to the forge. Pippen and Valek work the energies of the forge upon her, resulting in a powerful, and sentient, shade.

Marquette bodes her fellow O’Driden to follow and soon there is a small army of 90 undead in the chamber of the forge. Marquette beseeches Pippin to let them out so they may free their brethren, to which is acquiesces. The undead move out into the remains of the city to find the few survivors as Ku watches the gold dragon head off to the west into the countryside.

The Gloaming of Knowledge

Everyone came together in the square. Instead of finding the normally bustling marketplace it was empty save one figure. Sheriff Lem Harris sees Pippen and approaches. He quickly falls into a incoherent rant blaming Pippen for all of the problems the town had reached. Pippen takes the first blow and when Harris starts to poke him rather violently.

Pushed back by the magic missile Harris begins to transform. Slowly Pippen begins to recall that Harris was not another deva, but a conscious part of the Elemental Chaos which he had tamed in a past life. A rather angry part. Pippen, Ku and Valek take to fighting the demon like creature while the others follow Greynet to the former Church of Isa as he believes there is a greater threat looming there.

The battle in the courtyard is cut short as Valek sets the fear of Mallora in Harris’s mind sending him fleeing. The group catch up with each other at the rear door to the Church, guarded by two of the Governor’s Guard. Ku marches up and demands entry. When he is refused the group replies with extreme prejudice. While tough, the guard and the archers hidden on the rooftop are dispatched through strong tactics and good teamwork.

Making there way inside they come across an odd ritual. Leading the ritual is the Governor’s aid, with some small person bound upon the alter. The Aid is demanding for some information the bound person to stop the release of what ever the ritual is about. The party charges in and quickly takes down one of the mages.

Both sides throw out and take strong hits, with the aid dominating Valek briefly. After several distractions the second mage is dispatched. The small figure on the alter sits up saying “I can’t hold it back!” and a arcane portal tears itself into the floor. Flowing out of the portal is what appears to be liquid gold flooring up and through the roof. The gargantuan gold dragon roars as he emerges. “FREE…”

Will the Real Plot Line Please Stand Up?

Aliera returns with promises of the Drow to work the night, but only found frustration as she attempted to find her lab equipment. She’s asks Pippen and Ku to check out the Drow for magical curses as they have been acting strangely. They do find residual traces of them of being at least present if not a part of some sort of transformational magic ritual.

Rested Ku follows one of the Drow home while Pippen takes Vladislav and Aleria down to show her the Portal symbol. Aleria recognizes it immediately as the symbol of Ispin Onyx, one of the most famous Alchemists of the Marasianian Empire who disappeared in the Thaumaturgical Wars.

Pippen wanting to see what is in the other portals begins to hit the other door with magic missiles. After a long, frustrated barrage Aleria notices the forge responding slightly to the magic with each hit, but there is not impacts on the door. His destructive streak unsatisfied Pippen takes his dagger, and then missiles to the masonry of the arch. Eventually he breaks through and searches out Father Corvin’s chamber. Again, he finds it bare expect for some skeletal remains. Checking with his arcane eye he sees tendrils of magic from the forge burning out like a fuse back into the Forge’s heart.

Still unsatisfied he breaks into the unmarked door to find an empty chamber, this time his arcane site showing the tendrils burning out from the door all the way back to the forge. He turns to the third door and while breaking into the archway hears a weak single voice from the forge screaming “No”. Aleria and Vladislav convince him to stop.

Emerging from the forge through the gate they hear Valek screaming from his room. Rushing up stairs from the doorway they see Valek prone upon his bed, a faint vapor of some sort coming from his chest. Using mage hand they fail to wake him.

Looking through his mage eye Pippin faints and is not responsive. Aleria gets Ku, and finds him outside a familiar Drow homestead. Putting that aside they return and rouse Pippen. After a few more experiments resulting in Pippen fainting again, Ku not wanting to look in the room, and sending two mooks into the room slaughtered by a dancing sword, the party finally manages to build up the nerve to enter the room. The takes Valek out, finding an odd bloodstain under the bed.

Removing Valek’s night shirt they see a large green eye tattooed across his chest. Ku starts to insert a sword into the eye’s iris, which happens to also be right into the sternum. Aleria and Pippen convince him to stop, but he is not sure it is a good idea to leave the eye there.

Frustrated with the crazy day and no one else blood drawn Pippen and Ku head out on the town. He notices the baker who was next door has not opened for the day. In fact the town looks pretty bare. He marches up to the guard holding the bridge and attempts to intimidate the guard into telling him what is going on. The guard stoically sighs and tells them to head on. Pippen comes close to attacking the guard, but somehow finds his self control and heads to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile Aleria hears footsteps in what should be the empty top floor. Taking cover she points her crossbow at the stairs. Down emerges Greynet, who had not been seen since the previous night. He looks to her and says “We have a problem. We need to stop them from digging. Something we really do not want is going to happen.”

Slaughter of the Lambs

Seeing opportunity the party decides to shift into high gear to setup shop. Aliera heads out into the town to gather supplies for a new lab an hire some drow to work a night shift to build a secret basement while Greynet heads out to find numerous workers to start cleaning up the inn.

The others continue to investigate the Forge. From the forge the party hears three voices speaking in unison in response to Valek, but little is understood. Vladislav investigates the four portals beyond the forge. The first is found to be blank. Using his magic glasses he finds the second to be labeled “Father Corvin” and the third “Cornelius”. The fourth is a symbol that is familiar, but none are able to translated it.

Taking some initiative Vladislav turns into a gaseous form and moves around the door into the chamber beyond. Searching the door from the other side he finds nothing of note at first. He attempts to move back through the door and finds it quite painful, pushing him back into the chamber. Taking mortal form again within the chamber he searches around to find the dusty skeletal remains of a human. Only the skull is intact which he makes friends with, as there is no way out of the room that can be found.

Ku eventually uses a spell to free Vladislav and with a closer look of the symbol he recognizes it having something to do with Alchemy. Noting they need to let Aleria know when she returns the party moves into high gear. Bringing numerous work men in and out of the Inn to fix it up they some are moved down to the Forge and told to help clean up the bodies.

Of course this is to fulfill a darker plan as once 100 workers are down there they are slaughtered by the forge and from their corpses a single skeleton is raised. Valek and Pippin find the skeleton a source of power. Tired from the day’s labor, Vladislav looks at it and says “only one”?

The Necromatic Forge

After dinner during a quick walk around town the party runs into the gnome Ku, who it seems is a follower of the growing legend that is Pippen. They retire for the night at the Red Rooster Inn. Valek has that night telling him to stop squandering the power he has been given. He is to find the prisoners, claim the necromantic forge and prepare for the coming war. Or be disguarded.

The next morning, after a small exchange with Lisa to pay their bills, the group heads off to explore the Stonewall Inn. Approaching the In they find a small crowd watching an old man beating a younger man in the front area of the Inn. Pippen shoots the older man with a magic missile. Thinking fast, Greynet throws up a wall of thorns removing the witness en mass.

After a 30 second discussion the wall is brought down and the bodies tossed in the river. The final witness, the young man being beaten, is no where to be seen. Greynet takes to the skies, but the young man is not found.

During the search what is found is the raised fire platform is magical. After some debate, trail and error Valek and Vladislav are transported elsewhere. Taking a few moments the rest join them.

The first two arrive is a large chamber with 4 doors on the far side of the room. In front of the doors floating in a circle is a set of large sickly yellow crystals, with a glowing yellowish fog swirling in the middle. In front of that is 4 elementally powered suits of armor who are not pleased at their arrive. By the time the rest of the team arrives the Elemental Suits are just about shut down.

The team approaches the crystals. Pippin taking the lead feels the crystals pulling at his very life force as he draws closer. Stepping back a klaxon goes off with multiple glowing white portals opening up.

The room is flooded with Angles wielding flaming greatswords. The angles are engaged and Pipin finds that feeding the device his life force that as more angles poor in the portals are twisted to kill the angles and result in undead under his control. Many angles are slaughter, but the pace of entry continues to increase and the horde starts pushing the party back.

Vlad steps up to the artifact and feeds it nearly all of his life force with Pippen adding some more of his own. With this the artifact starts to turn faster and a voice comes out from it. “Wwwwho are you?”

The gates now bared Vladislav shows his ability to resist the flaming swords with ease. Pippin lays down a fireball which wipes out nearly a dozen of them. The horde of holy is then dispatched along with their leader, a grey winged angle that could hide any move within the horde.

I am so Evil

The group returns to the Red Rooster to rest and recover. Aliera and Amnon spend the next day on a ritual to bring Belogos back. Pippen spends the day reading the book taken from the Mindflayer and finds him self fighting madness at every page. He decides to write Vaslov the Odiferous for guidance on how to protect himself to read the book without loosing his mind.

As the rider leaves with the missive the Sheriff come to the inn and provides Pippen a summons from Court to present himself and the group responsible for saving the city. Pippen decides he will go. Aliera, grief stricken that ritual failed to bring her father back convinces Amnon they should spend tomorrow attempting it again.

Pippen did find some papers shoved in the book which are revealed to be the list of rebels and supporters. Amnon moves to destroy the list. Instead, Xarius is selected to return the list to House Malor in Zeldora alone as the others stay in Wellspring to finish their business.

At noon Pippen is at court. After a long wait he is brought into a side room by Ubari, clerk of the Court. He is shared that he will be awarded a warehouse/inn on the Waterfront named the Stonewall Inn. Brought into Court for the formal presentation they see Governor Therion Tarivek deal with some petty merchants for what appears to be the good of the city.

Then the Knight of Hearts, a wandering well know paladin is brought before the court and convicted of supporting the insurgents within the Drow quarter during the recent troubles. He is sentenced to being pilloried without sustenance until 50,000gp bail can be raised for him by his supporters.

Pippen is then praised for his service to the Court and formally granted his award by the Governor. At court Valek the Dark and Vladislav Malor witness the award. They recognize Pippen, but here on their own mission approach the newly Knighted Sheriff Lem Harris for information on a prison. Negotiations break down over his assistance for what seems an unreasonable price.

Pippen goes to inspects his new property and finds it little more than a shell of a building. Valek and Vladislav meet up with Pippen there and after a testy meeting he takes them to meet the others realizing they are all part of the greater Malor family.

At the inn things it is found the ritual has failed yet again, Amnon convinced that Belegos does not wish to return. Aleria does not take the news well. She begins looking for materials to wrap the body in, keeping fairly distanct from the others.

Amnon, seeing new prey before him robs Vladislav blind using his trademark harp and tail method. Realizing this prey is too easy he heads outside to preform on the grassy zone just outside the Inn. With no focus for his rage and a boring day without Valek heads outside. Finding a loose platium coin upon the porch he remains bored. He walks up behind the performing bard and without warning strikes at him.

A short, inconclusive battle occurs, with most of the party brought in trying to stop the fighting. Eventually Amnon walks off not trusting this new family addition and seeing his goals of saving the resistance complete. The others bed down for the night.

The Stars Their Destination

With renewed vigor the party pushed with all they had in the battle versus their foes and finally turned the tied. With many of his crew down the leader backed away and just before teleporting off he told them “Good luck with the brain eater.”

Moving forward the party navigated through various hallways to a large chamber. Behind a solid door they heard some odd ramblings in Deep Speech, of which only Pippen understood. Before braving the portal Greynet retreated outside as he found his connection to the Primal world had been shut off somehow, leaving him quite vulnerable.

The rest of the party went through the portal to find … space. The floor stopped a few meters into the room, with a void filled with starts beyond. At a distance they could see the floor returned, with an altar upon it and some large winged Cthulhu esq look to it, the creature back turned to the party. Realizing they had not alerted the creature those who could sneak into the room did so. As Pippen moved into the room he felt a throb from his bag. A quick search and some experimentation found the leg had changed to a onxy like material and when focused upon the void gave way to floor and the room.

Using Pippen as a central point the party started to make their way across the room, only to find out the large creature was an illusion and a mind flayer was floating well above them, hidden in the darkness of the void. The mind flayer set down near the altar and used various means to attack the party at range, along with some support from a hulk of a creature that looked much like the illusion as some stars which shot deadly rays at the party, stunning them from time to time. Undetered they pushed forward.

The as they closed in on the creatures ground a new horror was revealed. A large orb of light appeared behind the mind flayer, casting his shadow across the room and allowing his shadow version to grab and attempt to suck the brains of a foe at range. They party moved quickly to dispatch the creature, but not fast enough for Belogos who became the mind flayers first and only victim of the night.

With the death of the mind flayer the room returned to normal, the void disappearing as if it had never been there. The party quickly searched the room, finding some treasures of note, and retreated back to the city.

Quickly they head to Deirdre at the temple of Io to find she has been twisted by the Eye after she stole it from the mind flayer with a divine ritual of some sort. She too lost the Eye to forces unknown which left her warped body filled with stab wounds and other lacerations. The party quickly looted the temple for supplies and retreated to the hotel.

The next day Amnon tried to raise the ranger, but the soul was unwilling to return. Aliera now enters a period of mourning as only a Drow can and Pippen finds within the mind flayers things the list they had been sent to the city to retrieve. The party’s next move is unclear.

Behind Door Number One

The night passes uneventfully, for once. Rested the party head back into town. Aliera and Belogos head into the Drow slums to find the area has been locked down by a strong presence of the Governor’s Guard. The do not find it that hard to make it past, but are unable to find the month with the lost child.

Everyone else heads to the sheriff’s office. Once inside they are shown some maps of the extensive sewers. The Sheriff also introduces them to Deirdre, the local head of the church to the Dyad of Order, particularly Isa. She reveals that in her divinations on the source of the previous days events that something foul rests under the city. It was also revealed to her that the source of the problem has a lost relic of knowledge, the Eye of Iberis. She reveals a hidden lair beneath the statue of Estered, an old hero and cleric of Isa in the town square. She then asks the party to return the eye should they find it.

Regrouping in the square the hidden entrance is found after some diligent searching. A stairwell leading down is followed into an dark chamber lined with statues. Upon entering the party is ambushed by a group of teleporting fey led by a gray skinned human. The battle is fierce and the party appears to be loosing.

City on Fire

Aliera and Belogos approach the old Drow’s home. Belogos notices the front door is open at an odd angle. Aliera takes cover to cover Belogos as he sneaks up to look through the front window he spots the bouncer on the floor, blood about his body. He thinks he hears two voices coming from inside the building, one a female saying “Open the portal already. We have the girl.” to a muffled reply.

Belogos carefully makes his way to the back of the house and peeks in the back window. Not seeing anything he quietly opens the door and enters the house. Sneaking through the building he comes upon the intruders who have slipped into a closing portal. To his surprise he see on the other side the surprised face of Challi among the intruders just as the portal closes.

Searching the rest of the house he does fine the young girl is missing and the bouncer dead. He leaves Aliera to watch the house to see if anyone returns and heads in town to search out the other party members back at at the square where they fought the chaos beast.

Pippen is confronted by the Inn Keepers daughter, Lisa, who accuses him of both her mother’s pain and her brother being taken by the local force to the military as the Inn Keeper tried to bribe the troopers that caught him. He pledges to look for the brother, but is not impressed with the girls constant sas in his direction. The Inn Keeper seems a simple one and tells Pippen he and his friend should stay for the night, clearly distressed at the thought of her guest being treated so.

Pippen and Xarius make their way to the sheriff’s office, putting out a few fires along the way, to sign in for the night and encounter an interrogation in process of a darkspawn similar to what the fought in the Inn. The process reveals little and results in the creatures death. Pippen arranges to meet the Sheriff the next day with some maps of the swears based on what was heard from the one darkspawn that got away.

As the sun sets on the city the chaos of the day appears to be coming to an end as the city governor puts a curfew, sending everyone in doors for the evening. The party pulls back together at the Inn and arrange for some street toughs to guard the inn and setting in for the night.


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