Mythosa: House Malor

Behind Door Number One

The night passes uneventfully, for once. Rested the party head back into town. Aliera and Belogos head into the Drow slums to find the area has been locked down by a strong presence of the Governor’s Guard. The do not find it that hard to make it past, but are unable to find the month with the lost child.

Everyone else heads to the sheriff’s office. Once inside they are shown some maps of the extensive sewers. The Sheriff also introduces them to Deirdre, the local head of the church to the Dyad of Order, particularly Isa. She reveals that in her divinations on the source of the previous days events that something foul rests under the city. It was also revealed to her that the source of the problem has a lost relic of knowledge, the Eye of Iberis. She reveals a hidden lair beneath the statue of Estered, an old hero and cleric of Isa in the town square. She then asks the party to return the eye should they find it.

Regrouping in the square the hidden entrance is found after some diligent searching. A stairwell leading down is followed into an dark chamber lined with statues. Upon entering the party is ambushed by a group of teleporting fey led by a gray skinned human. The battle is fierce and the party appears to be loosing.

City on Fire

Aliera and Belogos approach the old Drow’s home. Belogos notices the front door is open at an odd angle. Aliera takes cover to cover Belogos as he sneaks up to look through the front window he spots the bouncer on the floor, blood about his body. He thinks he hears two voices coming from inside the building, one a female saying “Open the portal already. We have the girl.” to a muffled reply.

Belogos carefully makes his way to the back of the house and peeks in the back window. Not seeing anything he quietly opens the door and enters the house. Sneaking through the building he comes upon the intruders who have slipped into a closing portal. To his surprise he see on the other side the surprised face of Challi among the intruders just as the portal closes.

Searching the rest of the house he does fine the young girl is missing and the bouncer dead. He leaves Aliera to watch the house to see if anyone returns and heads in town to search out the other party members back at at the square where they fought the chaos beast.

Pippen is confronted by the Inn Keepers daughter, Lisa, who accuses him of both her mother’s pain and her brother being taken by the local force to the military as the Inn Keeper tried to bribe the troopers that caught him. He pledges to look for the brother, but is not impressed with the girls constant sas in his direction. The Inn Keeper seems a simple one and tells Pippen he and his friend should stay for the night, clearly distressed at the thought of her guest being treated so.

Pippen and Xarius make their way to the sheriff’s office, putting out a few fires along the way, to sign in for the night and encounter an interrogation in process of a darkspawn similar to what the fought in the Inn. The process reveals little and results in the creatures death. Pippen arranges to meet the Sheriff the next day with some maps of the swears based on what was heard from the one darkspawn that got away.

As the sun sets on the city the chaos of the day appears to be coming to an end as the city governor puts a curfew, sending everyone in doors for the evening. The party pulls back together at the Inn and arrange for some street toughs to guard the inn and setting in for the night.

The Riot of Wellspring II

Leaving the town square the group soon realizes the chaos is not limited to the square. Smoke and scream fill the city air. Moving out of the square the come upon one of the young toughs hired by Amnon and Xarius stumbling out of an alleyway. It is soon apparent he has been eviscerated and beyond helping as an odd beast of tentacles that comes spinning out of an alleyway to finish off the youngest.

Quickly jumping into action the party hits the creature hard, each dealing blows that would fell a normal human. The creature is standing and not even bloodied. It drops the body of the dead boy and taking some terrible blows from Xarius moves into the middle of the group throws reaches out grabbing both Aliera and Amnon.

The group continues to attack with everything they have and the creature appears to falling. The tentacles rip huge chunk of flesh from Amnon as it throws him aside. Amnon keeps his focus though damaging the creature as he is tossed.

The creature then transforms. The spiky tentacles covering it’s hide fall off and a humanoid head appears with an alien scream of agony, but no longer bloodied. The scream refocuses each team member to some degree, but quickly Greynet realizes that those further from the beast feel greater agony from the ongoing screaming head. Again the poor on the damage. Belogos seeing his daughter is in grave danger attempts to guard her, only to find the creature putting Aleria in the path of every shot he sends in. Seeing Aleria is nearly dead Amnon again jump into action and creates a sound that causes the creatures head to finally explode.

Sadly, the creature does not fall. As the party continues to attack they find huge chunks of the creature falling off with every hit. The various pieces and the creature deal out a huge amount of damage, but luck finally sides with the party and the creature and various pieces are eliminated.

Belogos and Aleria head off on their own and find a place to rest. They then sneak back to the home of the old Drow Crone, avoiding all contact. The others go with Pippen back to the Red Rooster Inn with the hopes of finding his gear. They find Mag, the Innkeeper, has had her legs broken and severely beaten. Amnon sings a song of healing to help the lady out as the others head up stair to find his gear.

Upon reaching the door of his room Pippen and Amnon hear the distance sound of an arcane portal opening from within the room. Pippen blows the door down with a blast of arcane power revealing 4 odd humanoid creatures. They stand about 4 feet tall, deep grey skin tones with pointed ears and teeth.

The party again dives into combat. One of the four creatures tells the other to kill Pippen as he disappears. Pippen manages to survive the initial assault, but is gravely wounded Just as the party appears to be taking the upper hand the invisible creature reappears behind Xarius dealing a devastating, barely missing his heart.

With two of their members close to falling and healing magics spent the fight becomes a series of desperate action. Through guile and strong tactics all but one of the dark creatures fall, with the one escaping shouting out to the others to escape back to the swears as he had found what they came for.

Pippen finds his gear, sans the little girl and the Captian’s Leg. The group decides they need to regroup with the others and head back in the direction of the old Drow’s home.

The Riot of Wellspring

Back in Zeldora Greynet awakens in a bed of his own filth. Dr. Willberforce has finally nursed his sanity back to the point of awareness. Greynet cleans himself up and is met by Lorenzo. Greynet is informed of the deaths of Xanthus and Fredrick, his loss of three months and sent after the rest of the group to Wellspring with clear instructions to not start a war.

Xarius and Amnon question a local blacksmith and find he is upset about his missing apprentice. They then seek out the smuggler Gerald Dag upon the water front, a known associate of the Blood Runners. A few hours of searching leads them to an elusive, wiry man who has little in the way of information, but is able to help them hire four street toughs to help the search out the missing blacksmith’s apprentice for a large sum of gold. After finding lodging for the evening and having it logged with the Guard they seek out the local sage Crowtus for any details about the missing townsflok. Questioning him they find the abductions started around 2 1/2 months ago with a traveling mage who stayed at the Red Rooster Inn named Harras. With little more to go on and the night growing late the pair turn in for the night.

Greynet encounters Aliera and Belogos. The three then decide to climb the city wall into the slums to see what can be found. Much to the surprise of Aliera and Belogos from the wall they spot a house with a sign of Lolth upon it. Peaceably they gain entrance to the abode and meet with an old Drow crone. Aliera enters a pact with the crone to open a small alchemy shop nearby and volunteers her father’s services to help track down a missing child of a nearby Drow family. Aleria also notices a child staying with the Crone is named Laelavin, a name she knows, but makes no mention of. The three are warned of being an armed Drow in the city. Greynet shifts forms over and over. The three spend the night in the Crones home, which they suspect is a brothel.

The next morning Xarius and Amnon receive word that they might have luck at the late morning slave auction to find they missing person. Aliera and Belogos go to the site of the auction to meet the Drow mother of the missing child, but find her very distracted by her duties and agree to meet that evening.

Pippen is escorted to the auction by the Sheriff himself. Much to his surprise the Sheriff reavels he was a fanatical follower of Pippen’s in a past life and still seeks his favor. Pippen is told the Sheriff is taking him to the auction to help him escape as the local Governor, Therion Tarivek, has shown an interest in him, which is never a good thing. Pippen is also warned to not hurt the towns folk and that his gear is with the Red Rooster Innkeeper, who paid dearly for them.

Each party member upon entering the square notice a dwarf, the blacksmith Xarius and Amnon met, who has riled up a crowd of locals talking about how ineffective the local government has been finding the missing townsfolk. Amon, Greynet and Pippen, each who noticed upon waking an odd invisible magical miasma in the air this day, that the crowds anger seems to have stirred the miasma somehow making adding power to it. All three are convinced that more anger or fear could give it more potency.

Pippen continues to test the magical shackles that hold him. The backlash with each attempt seems to becoming stronger. Pippen also has notices a weakness in the shackles. If he could stir the crowd to more anger or fear he may be able to use the power of the miasma to break the shackles.

Thinking along similar lines Amnon begins a Song of Unity raising the protesting crowds anger about the lack of action by the local government, which does appear to bring notice of the local town guards. The bidding on Pippen begins and some party members join in. Pippen begins his own ranting, while the others move into the crowd.

The power of the miasma reaching the critical point Pippen funnels it into the chains and they snap apart. The guards nearby do not seem to be aware of this and Pippen makes his move raising a wall of fire across a line of guard near him. He is also happy to find his shackles have become enchanted by the process and uses them to push the guard holding him back into the firewall with a magic missile.

The crowded square goes wild with rage as the magic of the miasma is apparently empowered further by Pippen’s actions. Fearing for his safety Greynet raises a wall of thorns, impaling and slaughtering around a dozen townsfolk in an instant. Pippen continues his vicious assault upon the town guard as the miasma lets loose it power upon the crowd turning them into a massive swarm who lash out the party and each other.

In the chaos the party manage to drive back the local town guard, with Pippen breaking the local crowd out of the spell rage through a well placed thunderstrike. Bodies of the dead and unconscious townsfolk and guard litter the square. Seeking to distance themselves from the scene the party leave the square. From the sounds ahead it is clear the chaos has already moved beyond the square as well.


A group of Grell come into view from the direction of Zeldora. The party take aim as soon as they come into range pounding the slow moving beaked brains. The Grell close and start attempting to pick various individual up, but are constantly thwarted and eventually eliminated.

That evening Pippen finds yet another to act as a careholder in a bag. Upon return to the camp everything goes wrong. While explaining the job to the new applicant he is assaulted by her. Viciously. The rest of the party watches in either confusion or laughter as he is beaten to a pulp. She stuffs Pippen back into the bag and the others let her go amused at the show.

That is when the real horror starts. As a joke Pippen is left in the bag for a few hours. Little did they know the ghost of the original wet nurse lived within the bag. And it was payback time. Two hours later Belogos pulls an unconscious Pippen from the bag. He is found to have even more contusions that before and several are pulled out of their sockets.

They heal Pippen to the best of their ability, but he is still quite sore and tired from the whole experience. Upon reaching Wellspring late one day the group decides it would be best to go in at first morning. Pippin, being tired and in need of bed rest decides to go in alone. Using some magic he disguises himself as a local farm he saw going in and gives the guard a false name. Through a few quick questions he finds himself at a nice hotel, leaving his real name with the owner and revealing himself to be a Deva.

The next morning Xarius and Amnon head into town together, Amnon leaving his name in the gate register while Xarius using an alias. Signing the register they are told as visitors to check in with the local constables office every 24 hours before sundown. Passing by the constables office they find Pippen already there locked in stocks. Some discrete questions they find he was hauled in for staying unregistered in town, but is in much serious trouble for reasons that cannot be found out.

Xarius and Amnon then find out from a local blacksmith that Amnon’s lead has disappeared as many others have in the town. They also notice a local rash of some sort moving around the population. They return to the Constable and when they offer to help they find themselves given a writ to deputize them to investigate the issue.

Pippen is given a trial in what seems to be a kangaroo court. Convicted of Kidnapping, Necromancy, Illegal Entry and Threatening the Peace is sentences to be sold into slavery the next day.

Pippen: Mage, Adoptive Father, Psychopath
20110107 Wellspring

Surviving a few days on the shoreline Aliera and Belogos realize they are on their own. With the thick fog blocking their line of site to any passing ships Belogos uses some natural resources to develop a crude raft to take the two of them back to the mainland.

Paddling their way through the unusually cold waters they are rescued by a passing ship named the Guinness Hauler. After a few solicitations from the lonely sailors Aliera and Belogos leave the ship politely, yet promptly, upon reaching port.

After searching out some food the two make their way to House Malor’s main complex. They are greeted by Valissa Malor and an extremely short and balding man named Dr. Wilberforce. After realizing three months have passed since they left, instead of the 5 days they recall, they are informed that Pippen and Greynet were found in the city a month ago. Neither were in a good state of mind. Dr. Wilberforce had been brought in to help heal their mental wounds.

Valissa leads Belegos off to a far corner of the house to only be rejected by Belegos. Angry at his decision he tactfully chooses to leave quickly. Aliera is lead to a bedroom by Dr. Wilberforce where she finds Pippen there, but he is not himself and unable to communicate. After some gentle prodding by the good doctor and Aliera Pippen reminding him of his beloved leg fragment Pippen returns to his right mind, but with no memory of the events on the island.

Pippen goes to visit Vaslov to see what has been learned since they last talked. Vaslov has found little other than confirming whatever it is other than the source is the Far Realms. Pippen postulates with Vaslov on how to make the fragment grow. A new purpose in mind he returns to the manor and abducts the now twice orphaned Baby Karavakos along with her wet nurse in his bag of holding.

Late that day with everyone at Foxgrove Manor, now called The Crooked House, the party is met by Lorenzo and two new strangers. Following the two in Lorenzo then slaughters one of the two shoving a knife through the back of the throat. Stepping over the corpse Lorenzo calls out and a similar looking human steps out of the shadows from Belegos’s room.

Lorenzo introduces the stranger from the shadows as Amnon and the other figure with him a Xarius Malor. Xarius is yet another brother from their quite active family and is being brought into the team. While clearly saddened by the loss of Xanthus Lorenzo spends little time asking about what had happened upon the island. Amnon is introduced as a member of the Carsus resistance and has brought some disturbing news. It seems a list of some senior resistance members has fallen into the hands of a group known as the Blood Runners who live in the town of Wellspring, a satellite town of Carsus. If the list were to fall into the governments hands it would been a heavy blow to the resistance, which is something Lorenzo seems to want to prevent. The team is to travel to Wellspring and ensure the list does not fall into the wrong hands. As Zeldora is in no position for a war with Ulthia they are also are strongly encouraged to not start one.

Pippen and Belogos head out on foot immediately, the former wanting to leave town before questions about the abduction come up and the latter being upset about something missing from his room. The other three run some errands and plan to catch up the next day on the road on horse back.

Around midnight Pippen and Belogos sit down to camp. Checking in his bag of holding Pippen spys the spent sunrod, the magic basket of food, the asphyxiated corpse of the young wet nurse, and the nearly dead baby. Saving the Baby with a potion he then sits the wet nurse’s corpse up on a nearby tree and closes her eyes.

Leaving Belogos behind he goes to a local farm stead and after a few hours of minor troubles kills an elderly farmer, abducting the wife to care for the child in the bag. Now knowing he needs to ventilate the bag he instructs the trancing Belogos on the procedure and goes to sleep.

Once asleep Belegos gives an arrow to the woman instructing her to kill herself. He then proceeds to ventilate the bag, only to be greeted with an arrow in the hand. Reflexively he pulls his hand out releasing the woman from the bag. The woman is shot down by Belogos as she tries to flee into the night, waking Pippen in the process. Pippen is clearly upset that all of his hard work to provide for the child has once again been undone.

The full party meets up late in the day upon the road to Carsus. Not a moment after their greeting passes Belegos and Amnon spot some shadowy figures flying their direction upon the horizon. Everyone prepares for battle as they approach.

The Forlorn Tower

Captain Griffin tells a haunting story of a strange artifact from the second age. This artifact, called the Eye of Iberis, seemed the source of the curse as even during the trip back to Zeldora it was as if the gods and spirits were fighting to destroy her boat.

Upon delivery Kazemde was at first appreciative, giving the Captain and crew a generous amount of shore time. As the months passed Kazemde’s behavior become more erratic, eventually stripping the Captain of her ship. Spending more time on Kazemde’s island home Captain Griffin found her own will weakening to unknown assaults, eventually loosing control and memory of what happened. When she regained control she found herself running the Arena games surrounded by the strange humanoid creatures the party rescued her from.

She implores the team to go to the island and rescue Kazemde from his Tower as surely he is as much a prisoner as she was. Preparing for the assault on the island the ranger Challi returns to her homeland, leaving the group one short. The Druid Greynet joins the team. Using a ritual Greynet transports the team to the island traveling through trees.

The party finds the pieces of corpses littering the beachhead. Disturbed the party moves inland up the slope toward the Tower to be assaulted by a small undead force. Though a tough battle they were able to clear the way to the Tower’s front entrance. Seeing some humaniod figures upon a nearby hill near the doorway and already tired from the battle with the undead the party retreated to rest upon the shore.

The next morning they returned to the Tower. Seeing no one upon the hill this time they opened the portal into the Tower. Inside was a large humanoid statue of some sort and a set of double open doors beyond the small room framing what looked like a half orc that had been mutated into a blue skinned creature with small tentacles across it’s skin at irregular intervals. Quickly the party moved into combat and unsurprisingly the golem statue assaulted them as well. What did surprise them is the golem was two creatures, with it’s skin of small stones taking flight swarming around them.

Without much fanfare the creatures were dispatched and they progressed into the tower. Searching a bit they found the towers far side had been shattered letting the Sun flood in from the east lighting half of the tower. Moving to the dark side of the tower a clutch of grell and some sort of gibbering cyst were found and defeated.

Embolden by their success they returned to the light side of the tower. The tower it seems had been split by some sort of waterfall making progress through some areas quite dangerous. Desiring to cross saftely Pippen teleported himself across the short distance as the others prepared other means of crossing. Much to his surprise he now could see two humaniod figures, once of which upon seeing Pippen screamed out “Kazeemde!” to a muffled reply from elsewhere.

Panicked Pippen stepped back and slipped upon the watery floor. Quickly the waterfall took him over the edge of the tower to a great fall. Greynet took to the sky chasing after his fallen ally from certain doom.

Down two members the party hid as they heard what was clearly a large force coming their way. Impatient for a fight Fredrick stepped out to find himself assaulted by multiple foes. The party never found their footing in the battle and in the blink of an eye both Fredrick and Xanthus fell. Belogos retreated into the darkness, hiding beneath a corspe of a fallen grell, while his daughter Aliera made an ingenious use of her alchemical tether cords hiding within the waterfall.

Waiting out their foes they met back up within the tower slipping out together after defeating an illusion upon the Tower’s gate room. Safe upon the beach head again they now await rescue from the strange island, hopeful that Greynet and Pippen find their way back to them. They have no intention of returning to the Tower which has already taken so many lives.

The Captain's Leg

After a fierce battle Captain Griffin is saved, but at the cost of Xanthus Malor’s life. Retreating to their quarters the party summons a Drow priestess friend of Challi to raise Xanthus and heal the Captain’s wounds. Xanthus does return to life, but is much changed by the experience with his skin remaining a pale white and his eyes giving off a faint red glow.

The Captain’s wounds are healed, but her leg is found to be infested with something from the Outer Realms. Following the Captain’s wishes the leg is removed slightly below the knee bone. Pippen bags the leg and finds that it continues to lives. He searches the city for days looking for a resource to help him identify the leg. He eventually comes across Vaslov the Odiferous, a sage of the Far Realms who recognizes the leg and shares what little he knows of it.

Before the Drow Priestess leaves Belogos arranges for her to train his daughter Aliera in the ways of Lolth so she may grow closer to her heritage and be acceptance despite being only 1/2 drow. And perhaps for access to some poisons himself.

Upon Pipen’s return to the others the Captain has finally awoken. And the first concrete clue is about to be revealed….

The Arena of Blood

The day of the fight as Fredrick and Xanthus Malor took to the arena floor Aliera and Challi watched on from the managers box as the others mingled in the general crowds to cheer on their team and see what they could learn.

Fredrick and Xanthus Malor easily beat the so called Dog of Qet, a huge black jackle humanoid. There efforts bough enough time for Aliera and Challi to learn a little more of Captain Griffin. To celebrate their victory they group was invited back to Captain Griffin’s abode.

There they met the Captian within a room covered with Khemsaian artifacts. After a short conversation the Captain struck one of her own retainers in the temple with a knife as she yelled out for the party to rescue her.

A bloody battle was entered and the outcome is uncertain. Will Team Evil save the Captain? Or learn anything useful about Kazemde Omari? Stay tune for the next entry!

Bevis and Butthead take a midnight boatride

Lorenzo Malor has told the party that a close ally of Gonfaloniere Kane, the Qet Ambassador Kazemde Omari, is suspect of being a traitor and sending information and supplies to the cities arch enemy Ulthia. He wants them to investigate the allegations and if strong evidence is found to kill Kazemde Omari.

Several team members reached out to various contacts across the city to see what they could learn. They found Kazemde Omari owned a set of private docks, had a retired Captain Griffin running a team in the Drow Underground Arenas, and had some sort of connection to a gang or mercenary unit called the Blood Runners.

Pippen investigated the private peer and after bribing a few longshoremen leaded that over the last month the locals had all been let go in place of some private labor brought in from Qet. Deciding to investigate the piers further the party set off at night in two teams. With Pippen standing watch at the gate, the first team of Fredrick and Xanthus would come in by row boat while the second team would climb the walls and investigate the warehouses.

As fortune would have it the next night had the new moon making it especially dark. Surely the gods must of been showing their favor upon the party. Making their way through the dark the two nearly blind humans rowed their way quietly towards the darkened ship upon the darkened peer. As they closed the rowboat was rammed by one and then two underwater shapes. Keeping the boat upright they quietly continued their steady pace towards the ship.

While climbing the side as they noticed three figures upon the boat slime slammed into them, dazing them both. They quickly overcame the daze, climbed onto the ship and quickly dispatched the three humanoid figures upon the deck.

Meanwhile sneaking into the warehouse Belogos, Challi and Aliera noticed three figures making their way up the pier. They hid within one of the warehouses. Spotted they quickly dispatched and eliminated the three humanoid shapes. Both groups found the humanoid shapes had wide mouths, bulbous eyes and

Back on the boat convinced to investigate the hold before setting fire to it Team Bloodcut Chaps investigated the hold only to find it covered in a fine layer of slime. Moving further in they find the far side of the hold dropped oddly into the water line. From the water tentacles erupted grasping at the pair. Team Bloodcut Chaps quickly retreated to the top deck to set fire to the ship before retreating back down the pier.

The other team searched the warehouses to find a ships manifest and lots of valuable alchemy supplies. Their retreat was covered by Pippen who rammed down the outdoor gate to the docks in a rather loud fashion.

Reviewing what was found Pippen bought the very expensive sage slave Alcestis who said the manifest had a number of exotic spices on it, a few slaves, and some names with numbers by them. The names were found to be a mix of Qeshan, Zeldorian and Ulthia origin. No explanation could be found for the meaning behind the numbers.

Reaching a dead end with the piers Challi went back to her Arena contacts to see what more she could find. In exchange for some favors Davin was able to arrange a fight, which would likely give the party an audience with Captain Griffin.

Quotes and other notable moments: “Is pooping a free action?” “I’m ok. I have bloodcut chaps on.” “Must search the hold for some teepee for my bunghole”.


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