Mythosa: House Malor

Will the Real Plot Line Please Stand Up?

Aliera returns with promises of the Drow to work the night, but only found frustration as she attempted to find her lab equipment. She’s asks Pippen and Ku to check out the Drow for magical curses as they have been acting strangely. They do find residual traces of them of being at least present if not a part of some sort of transformational magic ritual.

Rested Ku follows one of the Drow home while Pippen takes Vladislav and Aleria down to show her the Portal symbol. Aleria recognizes it immediately as the symbol of Ispin Onyx, one of the most famous Alchemists of the Marasianian Empire who disappeared in the Thaumaturgical Wars.

Pippen wanting to see what is in the other portals begins to hit the other door with magic missiles. After a long, frustrated barrage Aleria notices the forge responding slightly to the magic with each hit, but there is not impacts on the door. His destructive streak unsatisfied Pippen takes his dagger, and then missiles to the masonry of the arch. Eventually he breaks through and searches out Father Corvin’s chamber. Again, he finds it bare expect for some skeletal remains. Checking with his arcane eye he sees tendrils of magic from the forge burning out like a fuse back into the Forge’s heart.

Still unsatisfied he breaks into the unmarked door to find an empty chamber, this time his arcane site showing the tendrils burning out from the door all the way back to the forge. He turns to the third door and while breaking into the archway hears a weak single voice from the forge screaming “No”. Aleria and Vladislav convince him to stop.

Emerging from the forge through the gate they hear Valek screaming from his room. Rushing up stairs from the doorway they see Valek prone upon his bed, a faint vapor of some sort coming from his chest. Using mage hand they fail to wake him.

Looking through his mage eye Pippin faints and is not responsive. Aleria gets Ku, and finds him outside a familiar Drow homestead. Putting that aside they return and rouse Pippen. After a few more experiments resulting in Pippen fainting again, Ku not wanting to look in the room, and sending two mooks into the room slaughtered by a dancing sword, the party finally manages to build up the nerve to enter the room. The takes Valek out, finding an odd bloodstain under the bed.

Removing Valek’s night shirt they see a large green eye tattooed across his chest. Ku starts to insert a sword into the eye’s iris, which happens to also be right into the sternum. Aleria and Pippen convince him to stop, but he is not sure it is a good idea to leave the eye there.

Frustrated with the crazy day and no one else blood drawn Pippen and Ku head out on the town. He notices the baker who was next door has not opened for the day. In fact the town looks pretty bare. He marches up to the guard holding the bridge and attempts to intimidate the guard into telling him what is going on. The guard stoically sighs and tells them to head on. Pippen comes close to attacking the guard, but somehow finds his self control and heads to the sheriff’s office.

Meanwhile Aleria hears footsteps in what should be the empty top floor. Taking cover she points her crossbow at the stairs. Down emerges Greynet, who had not been seen since the previous night. He looks to her and says “We have a problem. We need to stop them from digging. Something we really do not want is going to happen.”



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