Mythosa: House Malor

The Stars Their Destination

With renewed vigor the party pushed with all they had in the battle versus their foes and finally turned the tied. With many of his crew down the leader backed away and just before teleporting off he told them “Good luck with the brain eater.”

Moving forward the party navigated through various hallways to a large chamber. Behind a solid door they heard some odd ramblings in Deep Speech, of which only Pippen understood. Before braving the portal Greynet retreated outside as he found his connection to the Primal world had been shut off somehow, leaving him quite vulnerable.

The rest of the party went through the portal to find … space. The floor stopped a few meters into the room, with a void filled with starts beyond. At a distance they could see the floor returned, with an altar upon it and some large winged Cthulhu esq look to it, the creature back turned to the party. Realizing they had not alerted the creature those who could sneak into the room did so. As Pippen moved into the room he felt a throb from his bag. A quick search and some experimentation found the leg had changed to a onxy like material and when focused upon the void gave way to floor and the room.

Using Pippen as a central point the party started to make their way across the room, only to find out the large creature was an illusion and a mind flayer was floating well above them, hidden in the darkness of the void. The mind flayer set down near the altar and used various means to attack the party at range, along with some support from a hulk of a creature that looked much like the illusion as some stars which shot deadly rays at the party, stunning them from time to time. Undetered they pushed forward.

The as they closed in on the creatures ground a new horror was revealed. A large orb of light appeared behind the mind flayer, casting his shadow across the room and allowing his shadow version to grab and attempt to suck the brains of a foe at range. They party moved quickly to dispatch the creature, but not fast enough for Belogos who became the mind flayers first and only victim of the night.

With the death of the mind flayer the room returned to normal, the void disappearing as if it had never been there. The party quickly searched the room, finding some treasures of note, and retreated back to the city.

Quickly they head to Deirdre at the temple of Io to find she has been twisted by the Eye after she stole it from the mind flayer with a divine ritual of some sort. She too lost the Eye to forces unknown which left her warped body filled with stab wounds and other lacerations. The party quickly looted the temple for supplies and retreated to the hotel.

The next day Amnon tried to raise the ranger, but the soul was unwilling to return. Aliera now enters a period of mourning as only a Drow can and Pippen finds within the mind flayers things the list they had been sent to the city to retrieve. The party’s next move is unclear.



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