Mythosa: House Malor

The Necromatic Forge

After dinner during a quick walk around town the party runs into the gnome Ku, who it seems is a follower of the growing legend that is Pippen. They retire for the night at the Red Rooster Inn. Valek has that night telling him to stop squandering the power he has been given. He is to find the prisoners, claim the necromantic forge and prepare for the coming war. Or be disguarded.

The next morning, after a small exchange with Lisa to pay their bills, the group heads off to explore the Stonewall Inn. Approaching the In they find a small crowd watching an old man beating a younger man in the front area of the Inn. Pippen shoots the older man with a magic missile. Thinking fast, Greynet throws up a wall of thorns removing the witness en mass.

After a 30 second discussion the wall is brought down and the bodies tossed in the river. The final witness, the young man being beaten, is no where to be seen. Greynet takes to the skies, but the young man is not found.

During the search what is found is the raised fire platform is magical. After some debate, trail and error Valek and Vladislav are transported elsewhere. Taking a few moments the rest join them.

The first two arrive is a large chamber with 4 doors on the far side of the room. In front of the doors floating in a circle is a set of large sickly yellow crystals, with a glowing yellowish fog swirling in the middle. In front of that is 4 elementally powered suits of armor who are not pleased at their arrive. By the time the rest of the team arrives the Elemental Suits are just about shut down.

The team approaches the crystals. Pippin taking the lead feels the crystals pulling at his very life force as he draws closer. Stepping back a klaxon goes off with multiple glowing white portals opening up.

The room is flooded with Angles wielding flaming greatswords. The angles are engaged and Pipin finds that feeding the device his life force that as more angles poor in the portals are twisted to kill the angles and result in undead under his control. Many angles are slaughter, but the pace of entry continues to increase and the horde starts pushing the party back.

Vlad steps up to the artifact and feeds it nearly all of his life force with Pippen adding some more of his own. With this the artifact starts to turn faster and a voice comes out from it. “Wwwwho are you?”

The gates now bared Vladislav shows his ability to resist the flaming swords with ease. Pippin lays down a fireball which wipes out nearly a dozen of them. The horde of holy is then dispatched along with their leader, a grey winged angle that could hide any move within the horde.



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