Mythosa: House Malor

The Gloaming of Knowledge

Everyone came together in the square. Instead of finding the normally bustling marketplace it was empty save one figure. Sheriff Lem Harris sees Pippen and approaches. He quickly falls into a incoherent rant blaming Pippen for all of the problems the town had reached. Pippen takes the first blow and when Harris starts to poke him rather violently.

Pushed back by the magic missile Harris begins to transform. Slowly Pippen begins to recall that Harris was not another deva, but a conscious part of the Elemental Chaos which he had tamed in a past life. A rather angry part. Pippen, Ku and Valek take to fighting the demon like creature while the others follow Greynet to the former Church of Isa as he believes there is a greater threat looming there.

The battle in the courtyard is cut short as Valek sets the fear of Mallora in Harris’s mind sending him fleeing. The group catch up with each other at the rear door to the Church, guarded by two of the Governor’s Guard. Ku marches up and demands entry. When he is refused the group replies with extreme prejudice. While tough, the guard and the archers hidden on the rooftop are dispatched through strong tactics and good teamwork.

Making there way inside they come across an odd ritual. Leading the ritual is the Governor’s aid, with some small person bound upon the alter. The Aid is demanding for some information the bound person to stop the release of what ever the ritual is about. The party charges in and quickly takes down one of the mages.

Both sides throw out and take strong hits, with the aid dominating Valek briefly. After several distractions the second mage is dispatched. The small figure on the alter sits up saying “I can’t hold it back!” and a arcane portal tears itself into the floor. Flowing out of the portal is what appears to be liquid gold flooring up and through the roof. The gargantuan gold dragon roars as he emerges. “FREE…”



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