Mythosa: House Malor

Sundering of the Court

Greynet stalks through the cities corpse. Quietly he enters the castles through the broken walls and spots what appears to be an entrance into a still standing portion of the structure. Expecting trouble he is not surprised to find himself under attack by archers from the remains of the Governor’s guard in the fallen hall. He quickly dispatches them, but does not go deeper into the room as he hears larger numbers beyond the large door to the grand hall.

The party holes up in their Inn as a ranging snow storm rushes in with nightfall. More of the O’Driden show up, at times with terrified townsfolk who are put into the half dug basement and forced to dig. Some are eaten. Pippen and Valek spend the evening with the forge as the rest stay in the inn.

Come morning more of the O’Driden are converted and a few humans set to the forge. Come early afternoon the party move out into the city, the storm finally breaking. Two feet of fresh snow slow their progress, but with the town abandoned beyond the occasional undead it is uneventful.

Marquette the Shade had informed them some of the O’Driden have disappeared near the castle. They approach the ruin and head to the entrance Greynet had found. The newly dead O’Driden line the hall and attack when entered. They are dispatched with ease, but no explanation to why or how they were turned.

Seeking answers the party entered the grand hall to find Governor Tarivek seated upon a throne. Nearby stand his aid and a group of turned O’Driden. He welcomes the party in and offers them his protection until his Aunt arrives. Negotiations quickly break down and turn violent.

The zombies heal the pair and blow up causing some angst, but the party eventually prevails over the governor. The Aid attempts at surrender are ignored and he is slaughtered. As the battle rounds out Pippen receives an odd magical missive from Vaslov.

“Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pip, Pippe, Pip, Pip, Pippen! The Nepharim! They run!”

Wellsping’s future now in the O’Driden’s hands the party makes plans to go to Sp├┐re to learn what they can of the forge, and their destiny.



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