Mythosa: House Malor

Slaughter of the Lambs

Seeing opportunity the party decides to shift into high gear to setup shop. Aliera heads out into the town to gather supplies for a new lab an hire some drow to work a night shift to build a secret basement while Greynet heads out to find numerous workers to start cleaning up the inn.

The others continue to investigate the Forge. From the forge the party hears three voices speaking in unison in response to Valek, but little is understood. Vladislav investigates the four portals beyond the forge. The first is found to be blank. Using his magic glasses he finds the second to be labeled “Father Corvin” and the third “Cornelius”. The fourth is a symbol that is familiar, but none are able to translated it.

Taking some initiative Vladislav turns into a gaseous form and moves around the door into the chamber beyond. Searching the door from the other side he finds nothing of note at first. He attempts to move back through the door and finds it quite painful, pushing him back into the chamber. Taking mortal form again within the chamber he searches around to find the dusty skeletal remains of a human. Only the skull is intact which he makes friends with, as there is no way out of the room that can be found.

Ku eventually uses a spell to free Vladislav and with a closer look of the symbol he recognizes it having something to do with Alchemy. Noting they need to let Aleria know when she returns the party moves into high gear. Bringing numerous work men in and out of the Inn to fix it up they some are moved down to the Forge and told to help clean up the bodies.

Of course this is to fulfill a darker plan as once 100 workers are down there they are slaughtered by the forge and from their corpses a single skeleton is raised. Valek and Pippin find the skeleton a source of power. Tired from the day’s labor, Vladislav looks at it and says “only one”?



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