Mythosa: House Malor


A group of Grell come into view from the direction of Zeldora. The party take aim as soon as they come into range pounding the slow moving beaked brains. The Grell close and start attempting to pick various individual up, but are constantly thwarted and eventually eliminated.

That evening Pippen finds yet another to act as a careholder in a bag. Upon return to the camp everything goes wrong. While explaining the job to the new applicant he is assaulted by her. Viciously. The rest of the party watches in either confusion or laughter as he is beaten to a pulp. She stuffs Pippen back into the bag and the others let her go amused at the show.

That is when the real horror starts. As a joke Pippen is left in the bag for a few hours. Little did they know the ghost of the original wet nurse lived within the bag. And it was payback time. Two hours later Belogos pulls an unconscious Pippen from the bag. He is found to have even more contusions that before and several are pulled out of their sockets.

They heal Pippen to the best of their ability, but he is still quite sore and tired from the whole experience. Upon reaching Wellspring late one day the group decides it would be best to go in at first morning. Pippin, being tired and in need of bed rest decides to go in alone. Using some magic he disguises himself as a local farm he saw going in and gives the guard a false name. Through a few quick questions he finds himself at a nice hotel, leaving his real name with the owner and revealing himself to be a Deva.

The next morning Xarius and Amnon head into town together, Amnon leaving his name in the gate register while Xarius using an alias. Signing the register they are told as visitors to check in with the local constables office every 24 hours before sundown. Passing by the constables office they find Pippen already there locked in stocks. Some discrete questions they find he was hauled in for staying unregistered in town, but is in much serious trouble for reasons that cannot be found out.

Xarius and Amnon then find out from a local blacksmith that Amnon’s lead has disappeared as many others have in the town. They also notice a local rash of some sort moving around the population. They return to the Constable and when they offer to help they find themselves given a writ to deputize them to investigate the issue.

Pippen is given a trial in what seems to be a kangaroo court. Convicted of Kidnapping, Necromancy, Illegal Entry and Threatening the Peace is sentences to be sold into slavery the next day.



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