Mythosa: House Malor

I am so Evil

The group returns to the Red Rooster to rest and recover. Aliera and Amnon spend the next day on a ritual to bring Belogos back. Pippen spends the day reading the book taken from the Mindflayer and finds him self fighting madness at every page. He decides to write Vaslov the Odiferous for guidance on how to protect himself to read the book without loosing his mind.

As the rider leaves with the missive the Sheriff come to the inn and provides Pippen a summons from Court to present himself and the group responsible for saving the city. Pippen decides he will go. Aliera, grief stricken that ritual failed to bring her father back convinces Amnon they should spend tomorrow attempting it again.

Pippen did find some papers shoved in the book which are revealed to be the list of rebels and supporters. Amnon moves to destroy the list. Instead, Xarius is selected to return the list to House Malor in Zeldora alone as the others stay in Wellspring to finish their business.

At noon Pippen is at court. After a long wait he is brought into a side room by Ubari, clerk of the Court. He is shared that he will be awarded a warehouse/inn on the Waterfront named the Stonewall Inn. Brought into Court for the formal presentation they see Governor Therion Tarivek deal with some petty merchants for what appears to be the good of the city.

Then the Knight of Hearts, a wandering well know paladin is brought before the court and convicted of supporting the insurgents within the Drow quarter during the recent troubles. He is sentenced to being pilloried without sustenance until 50,000gp bail can be raised for him by his supporters.

Pippen is then praised for his service to the Court and formally granted his award by the Governor. At court Valek the Dark and Vladislav Malor witness the award. They recognize Pippen, but here on their own mission approach the newly Knighted Sheriff Lem Harris for information on a prison. Negotiations break down over his assistance for what seems an unreasonable price.

Pippen goes to inspects his new property and finds it little more than a shell of a building. Valek and Vladislav meet up with Pippen there and after a testy meeting he takes them to meet the others realizing they are all part of the greater Malor family.

At the inn things it is found the ritual has failed yet again, Amnon convinced that Belegos does not wish to return. Aleria does not take the news well. She begins looking for materials to wrap the body in, keeping fairly distanct from the others.

Amnon, seeing new prey before him robs Vladislav blind using his trademark harp and tail method. Realizing this prey is too easy he heads outside to preform on the grassy zone just outside the Inn. With no focus for his rage and a boring day without Valek heads outside. Finding a loose platium coin upon the porch he remains bored. He walks up behind the performing bard and without warning strikes at him.

A short, inconclusive battle occurs, with most of the party brought in trying to stop the fighting. Eventually Amnon walks off not trusting this new family addition and seeing his goals of saving the resistance complete. The others bed down for the night.



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