Mythosa: House Malor

City on Fire

Aliera and Belogos approach the old Drow’s home. Belogos notices the front door is open at an odd angle. Aliera takes cover to cover Belogos as he sneaks up to look through the front window he spots the bouncer on the floor, blood about his body. He thinks he hears two voices coming from inside the building, one a female saying “Open the portal already. We have the girl.” to a muffled reply.

Belogos carefully makes his way to the back of the house and peeks in the back window. Not seeing anything he quietly opens the door and enters the house. Sneaking through the building he comes upon the intruders who have slipped into a closing portal. To his surprise he see on the other side the surprised face of Challi among the intruders just as the portal closes.

Searching the rest of the house he does fine the young girl is missing and the bouncer dead. He leaves Aliera to watch the house to see if anyone returns and heads in town to search out the other party members back at at the square where they fought the chaos beast.

Pippen is confronted by the Inn Keepers daughter, Lisa, who accuses him of both her mother’s pain and her brother being taken by the local force to the military as the Inn Keeper tried to bribe the troopers that caught him. He pledges to look for the brother, but is not impressed with the girls constant sas in his direction. The Inn Keeper seems a simple one and tells Pippen he and his friend should stay for the night, clearly distressed at the thought of her guest being treated so.

Pippen and Xarius make their way to the sheriff’s office, putting out a few fires along the way, to sign in for the night and encounter an interrogation in process of a darkspawn similar to what the fought in the Inn. The process reveals little and results in the creatures death. Pippen arranges to meet the Sheriff the next day with some maps of the swears based on what was heard from the one darkspawn that got away.

As the sun sets on the city the chaos of the day appears to be coming to an end as the city governor puts a curfew, sending everyone in doors for the evening. The party pulls back together at the Inn and arrange for some street toughs to guard the inn and setting in for the night.



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