Mythosa: House Malor

Behind Door Number One

The night passes uneventfully, for once. Rested the party head back into town. Aliera and Belogos head into the Drow slums to find the area has been locked down by a strong presence of the Governor’s Guard. The do not find it that hard to make it past, but are unable to find the month with the lost child.

Everyone else heads to the sheriff’s office. Once inside they are shown some maps of the extensive sewers. The Sheriff also introduces them to Deirdre, the local head of the church to the Dyad of Order, particularly Isa. She reveals that in her divinations on the source of the previous days events that something foul rests under the city. It was also revealed to her that the source of the problem has a lost relic of knowledge, the Eye of Iberis. She reveals a hidden lair beneath the statue of Estered, an old hero and cleric of Isa in the town square. She then asks the party to return the eye should they find it.

Regrouping in the square the hidden entrance is found after some diligent searching. A stairwell leading down is followed into an dark chamber lined with statues. Upon entering the party is ambushed by a group of teleporting fey led by a gray skinned human. The battle is fierce and the party appears to be loosing.



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